Monday, May 26, 2014

YUMtastic!: Spicy Chacon!

Hot Garlic Chacon!

No chacon is not a real word, I made it up because after you hear how much bacon goes into this recipe, it will seem as though the chicken and bacon become ONE!

What you need...

1. a packet of maple flavored or regular flavored bacon
2. Chili Garlic sauce
3. Sriracha
4. Chicken breasts with skin
5. Agave Nectar
6. Some salt, pepper, and olive oil for taste!

Take the chicken breasts and stuff 1 piece of bacon underneath their skins!

Then take 1 to 2 pieces more and wrap the chicken in the bacon, almost as if creating a belt. If you want to secure it tightly place tooth picks!

Then in a separate bowl mix chili garlic sauce, sriracha, and agave!
This recipe is open, so mix as much as you think you will need to coat the chicken, if you do 2 pieces probably a few tablespoons will suffice of each thing, but if you do more you should maybe do a cup of each, they need to be equal parts, unless you prefer to alter the taste from being either more spicy or more sweet!

Now after mixing it up, slather the chicken in it generously, you can even shove some under the skin!

Now in a pan with olive oil fry and sear the chicken, cover it and let it cook for about 20 minutes! Add salt and pepper to your taste!

Now you can either eat the chicken like this, as long as it's all cooked through, or you can place it in the oven for another 20 to 30 minutes and let bacon and skin get nice and crispy! Place oven at 375, first 15 mins should be on bake and the last bit should be on broil!

Be Blessed & may all your meals be YUMtastic!
cheers, Francey the Foodie <3

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