Thursday, May 15, 2014

Polyvore Picks 5/16/14

It's time for another amazing polyvore pick! I have decided to include 2 today! I once again created these beauties on, check it out! (I decided to rename this segment from Polyvore Pick Of The Day to Polyvore Picks, so I don't have to post one of these everyday and get bored...honestly LOL)

First things first...who loves Supernatural?

You've probably already figured it out, especially if you're a huge Supernatural fanatic like me! I made this outfit in honor of our lovable, messed up, demon exorcising Sam Winchester! This outfit is perfect for the girl who loves to hunt demons. Or ya know, just likes to be comfy and maybe hike a lot. ;)

This next outfit was inspired by Sailor Moon! Yes I am a nerd. But come on this gorgeous ensemble screams high power exec! Throw in a dash of sexy red goodness and you got an outfit to die for. The bow adds that sailor moon flare and the earrings have a Japanese artistic feel to them. Hope ya guys liked my polyvore picks today!

till next time lovers
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