Saturday, May 24, 2014

Black Butler Yudabest!

Welcome to the unofficial, international, pretend country of Yudabest! Here you will find actors, shows, comics, clothes, creations, inventions, people who are simply DA BEST! Today we are honoring a special citizen...BLACK BUTLER!

I know a lot of Anime fans are gunna scoff at me for this one. LOL I am a little late to the Black Butler party, but either way this Anime is, in my opinion, one of DA BEST I've ever seen!
Now I just finished the first season which is centralized around demon butler, Sebastian, and his contracted Lord, Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel's back story is horrid. His parents were murdered by a sick cult, then as they tortured Ciel he did the unthinkable...he called on a demon to rescue him and aide him in enacting deadly revenge on his parent's murderers. 

This anime has so many different relational connections and story lines. The 2nd season features a new young boy and his butler relationship between a bratty asshole named Alois and his butler Claude. Ciel and Sebastian show up again, but to be honest I am just now starting the 2nd season, so this Yudabest review will be of just season 1.

The anime is set in England during the reign of Queen Victoria and Ciel, as young as he is, being the last living heir to the Phantomhive family is her guard dog, basically the middle man between civilized society and the underworld. What I find most alluring about this show is the strained yet passionate bond between Ciel and Sebastian. At times father and son-ish, other times cold acquaintances...but the best is the homo-erotic borderline romantic nature their relationship takes on from time to time. Though he's 13 and essentially Sebastian's body is a grown man, you almost wish and hope they kiss or pledge their unspoken LOVE out loud to one another.
Those moments when Sebastian makes an off the cuff remark about how much he admires Ciel's determination and strength, or when Sebastian yet again rescue's Ciel from utter annihilation, it is in the breath of those small seconds that your heart stops, they stare at each other with an unknowable longing neither of them is familiar with, or perhaps scared of, and all you can do is repeat inside your head "Tell him you love him!"

Is that wrong? I mean I dunno, Sebastian is a demon after all, he's ageless, exists beyond time. Ciel is one of the most mature 13 year old boys in existence, mainly because he watched his family being slaughtered, oh and then there's the whole "Once my revenge is through you can eat my soul" thing. HAHA. 

Anime is a very odd and boundary pushing type of art, it's not for everyone but I will say this...I am not even a HUGE anime fan, I like it and I have shows and movies I love, but I haven't even read a Manga, and yet this show 100% hooked me from the very first episode. Now I am sure my next piece of advice is going to issue me some judgement from the anime community, but I watch the show in English dub, mainly because I really love the voice actors they chose for that version. However if you find that you enjoy the Japanese version with subtitles, cool, and hey if you understand Japanese and don't need subtitles well then...go on with yo bad self! ;) 
Another awesome thing about this show, hell any Anime is of course      ...      THE COSPLAY!

If you are unsure of what cosplay is or who these people are portraying from the show, I strongly suggest you Google it and explore the world of anime deeply, cause IT'S AWESOME.
So as the proud Queen of Yudabest I officially declare this anime FRANtastic, so Black Butler...YU DA BEST! :)

till next time lovers
remember to be

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