Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't Mask Your Inner Fire

Hey Francey Frans! As you all know I am a lil bit artsy fartsy, so today I decided I would share my own 3 favorite art pieces hanging in my apartment!

 This one is called "Show Girl" and it was inspired by a woman I know who is a stripper. She is not a very content person, I don't think being a stripper has anything to do with that, but I wanted to explore the drastic differences between the mask we put on and the inner demons we hide. I used a lot of physical pieces on the canvas which is a common thing for me. I also used spray paint, which is my favorite type of paint to use when creating a piece.
 This piece was a collaboration, a friend of mine had thrown this canvas out after sticking the stones and crayons and some sand to it. She said she didn't like it and gave up. I asked her to please give it to me and I would make something awesome out of it. So I starred at the piece for almost 30 minutes one morning at about 5am while everyone else slept. Then I grabbed some spray paint, some more sand, and the spray glue and I went to creating. I imagined the internal force inside me that is one with the universe, the pure creator, the one eye we all see with into the cosmos. And this was born, I call it "Inner Vortex"
The last piece I am gunna share today is called "Autumn Fire"
I LOVE THE FALL! It's my favorite season. So it was natural for me to create this. I use a lot of leaves and gold and orange in a good bit of my art work. I also love TREES. So I went out and got some real bark from a tree, spray painted the canvas, and took some leaves from the fake branches you can buy at any craft store and went to work. I do love this piece no matter how simple and pinteresty it is. :)

Till next time lovers
remember to be

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