Friday, May 9, 2014

YUMtastic: Thirsty Thursday: Bacon, Doughnuts, and Pants?

Hey Francey Frans!
Welcome to a special YUMtastic installment I'd like to call "Thirsty Thursdays" Every #thirsday on my Francey That Facebook I do a little fun post called #ThirstyThursday where I share awesome drink recipes! They are not always alcoholic, but..............ok so mostly they are haha! Anyway, here on Francey That I'd like to keep the same tradition. So from now on thursdays will include drink recipes that are tasty to serve with meals, or by themselves, but not when your by yourself, cause then you'd be an alcoholic.........ummmm yea. ;) Well anyway!

So recently as is typical for me and my best friend Sarah (check out her blog we went on an adventure to the new Kroger in town!

Me and Sarah's adventures usually involve a sudden need for ALCOHOL! ;) so here are some of the nuggets we found but didn't try yet...(surprises in store for when we do ;) )

The first lil nugget of awesome was the new Voodoo Doughnut inspired flavors of Rogue ale. THIS IS EXCITING.......for 3 reasons

#1. I am moving to Portland next year and that is where the famous and delicious Voodoo Doughnut shop resides

#2. Bacon...Maple...Ale? Do I have to explain?

#3 The pretty pink bottle, oh and did I mention to Bacon?

So when I saw this I was like, whoa and Sarah was like, take a picture, and I was like I WILL! And she was like don't shout at me! And I was all like, I'm sorry I'm excited. That convo really it didn't. Anyways...ONTO THE NEXT NUGGET!

This has me all kinds of over the moon. Sarah found it tucked away in the red wine area. This honestly should be the official wine of the entire Francey That empire lol trouble is I am not a huge fan of DRY red wines...geezy peezy, a ton of wine enthusiasts are gunna loathe me now. I AM SORRY! My wine tastes have developed and gotten more mature as time has gone on, but I still require a little sweetness to truly enjoy a wine, especially a red, however I love cooking with DRY red wines, so perhaps this little baby will find it's way into my blood soaked cornish hen recipe someday ;) EITHER WAY, both of these alcoholic beverages will be seen again on my youtube channel soon, so be on the look out!

Till next time lovers
remember to be...

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