Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rockin Granny

The "Maleficent" Rape Scene That Huffington Post Created...out of thin air


     OK so some woman from HuffPost wrote an article titled "The Maleficent Rape Scene That We Need To Talk About". You definitely need to read the article if you want a better understanding for my rant, although I feel like reading her article simply creates more stupid in the world, so take my advice and don't. 

    The main jist is she compares the scene where Stephan, in his cowardice and selfishness takes Maleficent's wings instead of killing her. BY THE WAY, the actor who played Stephan was so unbelievably terrible, I barely got through his scenes, that was my one gripe about an otherwise beautiful film, that actually HONORS feminism, although I think Hayley Krischer, the author of the HuffPost atrocity must have missed the memo on that one. 

    This article is why sometimes calling myself a feminist gets me funny looks and laughter, because of overly zealous idiots like this. Let me tell you something lady, RAPE exists. Depicting RAPE in movies is a debatable issue, because movies depict real life, relate-able issues in them to create an emotional response in the viewer, asking Hollywood to abolish rape from their movies is really like asking them to never again show a murder or kidnap scene, do you think that will end murder or do good for the fight against missing children? NO WAY, cause guess what lady, long before movies, pictures, magazines, and hell even the written word MURDER, KIDNAP, AND RAPE were all hanging out at the local asshole club and gathering new recruits. Wanna know why? Cause mankind when consumed by fear opens a door for insecurity, pride, hate, and then eventually do shit like that. I don't think they should GLORIFY, or push the buttons on being so graphic that it in turn glorifies the act, but coming from someone who was raped as a child, let me tell you, rape scenes usually don't anger me, they help me relate to the character and if the movie is good and justice is sought or served, I feel stronger after watching it. 

     BUT, First of all there was no RAPE scene in this movie at all and comparing that scene to rape was quite a stretch. Kinda reminding me of Charlize Theron, or however ya spell her name, anyway, comparing the media attention on her as RAPE, wow ask a rape victim if waking up everyday in your mansion hearing a few bad press reviews about themselves would equate to RAPE. And then also ask someone who was legitimately raped if they think that scene in Maleficent was a rape scene and they may punch you in the face. (Btw Forbes mag wrote an excellent article addressing this laughable one) READ IT! 

     The scene depicts a betrayal, when you said your child flat lined it and saw it as betrayal, and then saw maleficent go through a time of darkness later to emerge full of love and hope again, WITHOUT A PRINCE CHARMING MIND YOU, you probably should have listened to your child, stop trying to over complicate things just so you can have something catchy to peddle to your readers, so you can keep your pathetic job over there at HuffPost. 

     This kind of article actually creates an unsafe place for feminists to voice concerns and issues, because when idiots like you MAKE UP sexist issues, we are left in the back lash to try and explain "but that's not what I MEAN when I SAY feminist" There should not be different denominations of feminism, and money hungry, sensationalists combined with overly sensitive, easily offended, immature children-like people is why we have them. Feminism is the EQUALITY of men and women. The idea that says women have a right to do whatever the hell they want and not be looked at a certain way just because there is a vagina in between their legs. I wanna get something straight, I am not a bra burner...I do not hate the stay at home mom...and I do not create RAPE scenes in movies where there are none just to get a rise out of others and push my money driven point home.

     We can't keep twisting the world to suit our agendas, and that's exactly what you did Hayley. That scene in Maleficent did not perpetuate rape culture, but you just did. You created an issue where there wasn't one, therefore bringing down a ton of anger and hatred on feminism EVEN MORE SO THAN BEFORE, and God knows we have enough misogynistic men who wanna rape and murder us just for having opinions, hell some women too, and here you go feeding the fire WITH A FAKE VIEW OF A NON-EXISTENT RAPE SCENE. I'd rather stick to fighting the battles we actually do have, rather than creating more reasons to fight. PEACE and OPENNESS creates GROWTH. In this battle for MARKETERS to stop labeling one product blue/force and another Pink/Frills just to sell more of the same crappy item to men and women, this culture where girls are told they can't be professional athletes unless they join their own special watered down league, where when reporting real rape they have to be given the third degree on what they were wearing that night, WE DON'T NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU WITH MEDIA MONEY AGENDAS creating a NEW issue for us to battle...we got enough. Thanks for the article, if it had been printed on actual paper I probably would have used it as POOP PADS for my Puppy. Have a good day ;)


Saturday, May 31, 2014

30 Years Wise: How To Grow Up At 30


     Well today I am 30 years young, can you all believe it? I feel like I am entering my 30th year with kind a few bags of sadness, fear, and confusion on my back. I was hoping that when the day came I would feel lite as a feather and serene. Truth is, life just isn't like that. We will always begin to have doubts and concerns about what lay ahead, trick is accepting that as being perfectly ok, because once you stop being angry with yourself about your own emotions, they don't have the steering wheel anymore, you do and now they are just passengers. 

    Passengers in a vehicle that is driving to each needed destination to drop them off and empty the car till the only needed person is the one behind the wheel...YOURSELF completely. I enter this next decade in my life with lots of knowledge, wisdom, love, and experience. I enter this year with new hope and understanding of who I am and what I really want from life. Do I have life all figured out yet? NOPE. Kinda makes me laugh thinking about how many adults in their 30's put on a charade for me growing up, as if they knew all there was to know about life and had everything down to a science. LOL 

    I'm glad I have concerns about who I am, because it means there is much more to discover. I am glad I've not realized all my dreams yet, because what would there be left worthy of the thrill of such a chase? I'm grateful for the fear and uncertainty because it means I am human, and I am growing, and growing is one of the scariest, invigorating, disheartening, and beautiful things you can ever do in this life. We are always growing, the rate at which we grow depends solely on how hard we fight the process.

     This year will be marked with many growing periods that I will remember and honor for the rest of my physical journey. Confidence and a growing sense of true freedom will also mark this year in my personal history book. 2 years ago, I was a depressed, broken, wounded girl who did terrible things in the name of suffering and tried to manipulate love out of anyone who would give it to me. I was in a constant state of belief that life was just HAPPENING TO ME. Then I discovered a truth, it was not through good friends, though they are precious beyond measure and in abundance in my life, it was not through a church sermon, though I still see the beauty in that even though you have to squint to see it sometimes haha, it was INSIDE OF ME, the entire time. 

    "You're the only one who holds the key to your healing." thats an amazing quote from Angel Haze <3 I truly did hold the key to my healing, the elixir to my sickness, I was the answer to my prayer, the divine to my natural. I discovered this through a grieving period, in which unlike most of us, I finally decided to really take the time. I broke down into the grief process, I grieved my ex girlfriend fully, not allowing anyone around me to dictate what that grief should look like, feel like, or how long it should last. I allowed myself to really feel it, instead of pretending it wasn't there and shoving it down like we so often do. It was in that grieving that I discovered I was healing myself, by allowing myself to be real with me, I was literally going back through years of pain and grieving for real, for the first time.

     Grieve properly my loves, that's one of the keys to an amazing life. Find out what that looks like for you, and find some trusted professionals who understand what it means, and go with it...let it flow till you are stronger and more at peace. Another piece of sound advice, you will never find what you are looking for outside of yourself. It sounds cliche but it is so true. No one can love you, heal you, help you, or be good to you like YOU can be. When you are fully loving yourself, it will be so easy to love others in a more enlightened manner. How do you love yourself? Well truly adore you, treat yourself as if you were in love, fall in love with you. In the past 5 years I have done many things. 

    From 25 to now I have experienced so much. I lived in Nashville for 2 years, I toured the entire country by myself twice for 8 long months, nothing but a guitar and some hope, I came out as bisexual, I was denied Christmas dinner the first year my mother knew, My father got diagnosed with cancer and beat it, my mother got diagnosed with cancer and we are all fighting for her, I fell in love with a woman who had a pill abuse problem and a self identifying problem, and I gave up my virginity to her. Yep thats right, 29 was the year I finally made the leap. lol Still need to do that with a man, but I am not pimping myself out just yet haha.

      It was painful losing my ex, but in all her horribleness, in all the abuse I suffered at her hand...I found something extraordinary. I found God. (DON'T STOP READING, let me explain) I'd always believed I was a christian, I even used to be quite the bible belter haha, but it wasn't till I stopped caring what God thought of me that I truly met with him, her, them face to face. When I let go of the worry he wouldn't love me, and decided I didn't need anyone else's love but mine, clear as a bell it rang inside me...I am deity. I am the divine and the divine is me. God and humans are not a separate thing. So my last and final piece of advice, let go of all the things you believe you have to be, because of others expectations, because of a God's holiness, because of where you live, grew up, or where you can make the most money...let it all go and just ask yourself an honest question and really examine the answer you give...this will take a process of really digging deep beyond the lies you've told yourself, and ask yourself "Who do I really want to be?" As this 30th year breaks forth, I will be mindful of asking myself that again and again and again. Happy Birthday Francey, this one's gunna be the best yet <3

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hollywood Street Rat

Hollywood Street Rat

Long sleeve shirt
$59 -

IRO leather jacket
$1,360 -

Versus green jeans
$480 -

Lace up boots
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Heart jewelry

River Island hair accessory
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Polyvore Picks 5/27/2014

It's that time again! Time for me to share a few more of my Polyvore Creations with you lovelies! Hope ya like these 2 fine and dandys I chose today!

This post's picks is all about the opposites! And that rhymed! Yay I'm a rapper! lol Anywho...the above outfit is a perfect sweetheart look for a cool summer night out with friends! Dance the night away or hit the pier for a cocktail party with that special someone!

The outfit below is called PinUp Business Meeting, I LOVE PIN UP STYLE! But I also love looking like I know exactly what I want and how to get it ON MY OWN. So this outfit is perfect for an office meeting, especially if you're the one in charge and make all the rules...and rule 1 in my office, there are no rules ;)

till next time lovers
remember to be

YUMtastic!: Spicy Chacon!

Hot Garlic Chacon!

No chacon is not a real word, I made it up because after you hear how much bacon goes into this recipe, it will seem as though the chicken and bacon become ONE!

What you need...

1. a packet of maple flavored or regular flavored bacon
2. Chili Garlic sauce
3. Sriracha
4. Chicken breasts with skin
5. Agave Nectar
6. Some salt, pepper, and olive oil for taste!

Take the chicken breasts and stuff 1 piece of bacon underneath their skins!

Then take 1 to 2 pieces more and wrap the chicken in the bacon, almost as if creating a belt. If you want to secure it tightly place tooth picks!

Then in a separate bowl mix chili garlic sauce, sriracha, and agave!
This recipe is open, so mix as much as you think you will need to coat the chicken, if you do 2 pieces probably a few tablespoons will suffice of each thing, but if you do more you should maybe do a cup of each, they need to be equal parts, unless you prefer to alter the taste from being either more spicy or more sweet!

Now after mixing it up, slather the chicken in it generously, you can even shove some under the skin!

Now in a pan with olive oil fry and sear the chicken, cover it and let it cook for about 20 minutes! Add salt and pepper to your taste!

Now you can either eat the chicken like this, as long as it's all cooked through, or you can place it in the oven for another 20 to 30 minutes and let bacon and skin get nice and crispy! Place oven at 375, first 15 mins should be on bake and the last bit should be on broil!

Be Blessed & may all your meals be YUMtastic!
cheers, Francey the Foodie <3

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Polyvore Picks 5/24/2014

This installment's Polyvore picks are 3 of my creations! Enjoy!

The first is obviously inspired by Dean Winchester from my favorite show Supernatural, and the second ensemble is a yogi earth friend Costa rica number, while the third is a bohemian punk rocker look :) Hope ya like em!