Tuesday, January 27, 2015




Moschino long pink dress
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Ignite: Your Sense Of Joy

The follow up to the homeless man getting a lottery ticket! Watch it and ignite your sense of joy, you won't regret it!

Ignite: Your Sense Of Giving

Acts of kindness are happening around you everyday! I saw this video a while back and still to this day, after watching it over 10 times, I still cry. It's astounding the kindness that is shown from those who don't even have anything to really give! As you watch this video ignite that giving nature within you again, being a blessing to others is what will transform your life into a blessing.

40 Days: WEEK 2 Challenge

Ok well folks it's that time again!!! Time for...
smile emoticon
This week the challenge is pretty simple! If you do not have access to WATCH videos online then I encourage you to do this by READING articles or listening to audio. But here goes...
EVERYDAY of this week the challenge is to watch/read about/listen to stories of average people doing amazing things.
These things should include stuff such as
1. outstanding acts of kindness
2. Creating amazing art or inventions
3. Overcoming obstacles or handicaps in impressive ways
4. Helping animals
5. Reach huge goals/usually starting from nothing

and more...these should be at least 5 minutes long, but can be as long as you'd like and have time for!
The goal here is to begin absorbing more positive and uplifting ideas of mankind and the world rather than negative ones.
Some suggestions for the week:

1. Limit the amount of NEWS you read or watch
2. Limit the amount of gossip you listen to you take part in at work, school, or home.
3. Try to refrain from watching movies or tv shows that have very dark and negative situations, I am not saying don't watch your fav show if it makes you feel great, but if it causes stress in you...give yourself this week to take a break.

REASONS are, we want to shift the amounts of neg and pos things we take in...to being MORE positive intake and LESS negative intake. This will begin to shift our way of thinking about the world around us, people, life, and the possibilities afforded us.
Each day I will be posting a couple videos and articles of amazing and beautiful things happening in the world and hope it helps! Check out this first one that might just make you cry.
It's about a painter who was born without eyes. He has created amazing and in depth works of art just by touching and imagining what he believes they look like. This is extraordinary, and further proves that what we see in the world was originally an imagined human thought. The first building ever built was first a thought in someone's head. This man is inspiring and will astound you. ENJOY! And let me know if there are any videos you suggest throughout the week! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015



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