Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ignite: Your Sense Of Self

We all struggle with really feeling like we know ourselves right? I think one of society's biggest issues lies in not really knowing ourselves on a deep level. We align ourselves with standards set by others, views held by others, customs, traditions, and prejudices others have. We tend to pick up terrible concepts and weave them into our own lives, our own worlds. Such as racism, body shaming, sexism, and more. These are totally unhealthy and cause such upset in our inner beings. But more so they keep us from knowing WHO WE REALLY ARE and WHAT WE REALLY THINK and ultimately WHAT WE REALLY WANT out of this life. So today I share with you an amazing video with the awesome and enlightened Deepak Chopra, who on more than one occasion has inspired me. 

Hope the video ignite's your sense of self and helps you with whatever obstacles you face in your life that stem from the desire to really know who you are on all levels.

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