Monday, January 19, 2015

GREATNESS Challenge: Week One

#GREATNESSChallenge week one:

    So recently I have been studying the concept of "affirmations" and their effect on the way we see ourselves, life, others, dreams, etc... And I have found in the past 2 years that affirmations on many different levels have helped to alter the way I see MYSELF and my FUTURE for sure.
I have found in the past 2 years repeating "POSITIVE" affirmations in place of old negative ones dramatically altered what I think about me. Now this is not an exact science, and I think as with anything there must be a genuine intention behind the affirmations. You can't just repeat "I am beautiful" 20 times a day and expect to feel beautiful, especially if for the rest of the day you constantly say things like "I'm fat." "I look bad today." "My lips are too small." "My hair is gross." "I don't like my eyes." SEE these are affirmations as well, and they will combat the affirmation of "I am beautiful" I will be sharing a few videos on affirmations and their power in our lives on the page here for reference...NOW DOWN TO THE CHALLENGE!

    For the next week, 7 days, you will be following an affirmation regimen.

1. Every morning for 10 to 15 mins (which might mean ya need to set your alarm a little earlier) Listen to an affirmations audio. There are millions on facebook for wealth, self esteem, awareness, love, abundance, healing, etc...

    my suggestion is to sit in a comfy spot or lie still in bed and listen to them. BUT if you need to play them in the car on your way to work, or while you are showering (which could be very relaxing) then do so! You do not have to pay super close attention to the audio, just stay silent and try and focus on your breathing. The affirmations will settle into a nice place in your subconscious. 

2. Part 2 of this challenge is to repeat this process, at night before bed. You can even listen to them while you fall asleep. (Suggestion: for BEST RESULTS, listen to the same one both morning and night, and all week.)

3. Part 3 of this challenge is the most important one of all!!!! And this will be the most challenging part of it for many of you. NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK/AFFIRMATIONS. I want you to practice being more aware of how you speak about yourself, about life, about your surroundings, about your job, about your friends, family, coworkers, finances, etc...

    For example if you choose an affirmations audio on wealth, and then continue all week to talk about how poor you are...the affirmations will do nothing for you.

    Another goal in this challenge, write down, or share here your findings. If you start to notice a positive shift in your thinking or for example if you choose one on confidence, and you start noticing yourself feeling more outgoing or more at ease around others, share it with us! If you choose one on feeling beautiful and you start getting compliments from people randomly, share that as well!

    I WANT TO BE CLEAR, if you feel they are doing nothing for you, or God forbid, making life worse. Please contact me and let's have a heart to heart and get to the bottom of why that may be an issue. Affirmations have worked for millions of people, and even more so...the concept of affirmations has scientific merit even in the way society sees proper and improper child rearing and education. (tell a child he's stupid much of his life, and often thats what he believes about himself as an adult, which hinders his ability to learn...the same idea)

    SO take advantage of the materials shared here, and if you decided to do the challenge, PLEASE comment on this post with the words "I'M ALL IN" smile emoticon Good luck and Namaste fellow spirits!

to join the group on facebook go here GREATNESSChallange

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