Thursday, May 15, 2014

YUMtastic!: 5 of the best tasting BAD FOR YOU soups!

Welcome to a special edition of YUMtastic! Let me just tell you guys, I am a sucker for soup! Anytime of the year in fact, even in the blistering heat of summer you can find me enjoying a steaming hot bowl of warm comforting goodness. I also try my hardest to be health conscious, and when I can, I make my soups FRESH, from raw and organic ingredients. HOWEVER, let's face it, ya can't always be as healthy as ya'd like. SOOO the next best thing? Well instead of hoovering a few McDoubles, why not head to your local grocery store and buy some soup?!
Bear Creek makes a variety of soups ranging from Broccoli Cheese to Minestrone. MY favorite flavor is there home made chicken noodle! It is delicious! Now is it super healthy? ... NO. Unfortunately is it loaded with sodium and Bear Creek is rumored to use lots of fillers and GMOs. BUT if you are on a budget and would like to have enough soup to feed a family of 4...CHECK this one out! They run around $3-$4 each.

Thai Kitchen, good old Thai Kitchen. Let me tell you guys, this is a staple in my life. This soup has the best and most exotic taste ever, and at a $1.99 per package ya just can't go wrong. Or can you? See, Thai Kitchen is known for it's seemingly healthy look, but truth is, it's packed with too much salt and extra fillers just as any other pre-packaged food. But truth be told, even if I had a million dollars and a private chef, I would probably still pick this one up in the soup isle from time to time. ;)

I recently discovered this little bad boy. Nissin Bowl Noodles makes an amazing shrimp flavored hot and spicy soup which will seriously make you wanna look past the wax coated noodles with no nutrition and the sodium content that would make your grandmother swell up and dehydrate. This one is not good for you at all, but it sure is tasty, and if you're a college student this will be your friend at $0.88 a package!

Another shrimp flavored goodie, and why not? MAMA makes a ramen version of TOM YUM soup which is a thai favorite! This spicy, lemony, shrimpy tasting delight will surely please your taste buds, but once again...wax coated noodles, high amounts of sodium, and with 15 grams of "not good for you" fats...ya might wanna have this sparingly. I stock up on these when I am low on funds, at $0.43 a package ya just can't pass it up!

Last but not least, Maryland Style Crab from Campbells, and with a name like Campbells, it has to be at least a little healthier for you right? WRONG. TONS of GMOs go to make up this little nibble, along with tons of salt, fillers, and other crap your body will hate you for...BUT is it tasty? I MEAN COME ON, yes it is. This soup will put ya back about $1.89 a can.

So in conclusion...Am I encouraging you to eat a ton of unhealthy foods and not care about what you put in your body? NO, of course not. But I know that as much as I'd like to always stay away from BAD FOODS, it's hard, especially if you are trying to introduce better foods into your diet. SO...My advice? START slow, baby steps, with SOUP. These soups with all their downsides, have some upsides and are mostly liquid. They also won't hurt your pocket as you transition. With that being said, have a YUMtastic! day!

Be Blessed & may all your meals be YUMtastic!
cheers, Francey the Foodie <3

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