Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Top 5 Socially Conscious Kid's Toys

    Let's get down to business shall we? Now please no one get your panties in a twist if you don't agree with these 5 toys as being absolutely amazing. Comment with some of your favs and I will feature them in a special READER'S TOY WISH LIST edition on my blog! (but just sayin, if you don't think these are awesome, you are probably the devil.)

5. Camden Rose Child's Play Baking Set

This baking set is amazing for many reasons. One of which is that you can really use it to bake! The bowl, cups, spoons, cutting board are all made from stainless steel, wood, and metal. And what makes this baking set unique is that it holds no gender bias such as pretty pink flowers all over it to ensure only parents with girls buy it. BOYS CAN BAKE hunty lemme tell you ;)
find out more about Camden Rose here: 

4.  Hand Knitted Finger Puppets by GunayKulbay on
Why are these socially conscious? Well because they are made with 100% organic yarn, even the tools used were organic :) And by purchasing these from someone off etsy who handmade them you are putting money into the hands of an independant artist rather than a corporation who uses most of it's money to fund political campaigns for crooked congressmen ;) Kids will love these, and the fact that they are unisex and challenge the child playing with them to spark more imagination doesn't hurt either.

3. Zoe b Organic Biodegradable Beach Toys
This is just so perfect. Ever take kids to the beach with those little plastic buckets and shovels and then when it's time to go home notice that half the toys are gone, sand covered or swept away by the ocean no doubt. Well with these bad boys you can relax, because these toys if left in the sand or ocean will break down. They are made of some kind of organic corn base substance, don't ask me...check out the website! 

2. Socially Conscious BARBIE?!
So artist Nikolay Lamm designed this amazing Barbie Doll, with real girl proportions. He's still trying to get the creators of Barbie on board with this, but if you want to know more about his amazing project or support him find out more here:

1. Last but certainly not least...BOOKS!!!!
Books, especially well written ones that educate, encourage, and enhance a child's ability to understand and embrace the world around them has been and will always be the most socially conscious "toy" a child can receive. Such as the one pictured above about an extraordinary little girl named Jazz who is growing up transgender and trying to educate the world about why it's absolutely ok for her to decide her own gender journey.
Jazz's book is due for release in September 2014! But be sure to search her on youtube and google for more info on her amazing journey!

My good friend Jason, who is also a transgender, wrote an amazing book as well called My Mommy is A Boy, it comes from his daughter's perspective and is in terms children can understand and ultimately expresses that no matter what a person on the outside looks like, it's what's inside that matters, the love they hold.

So I hope you enjoyed this list of amazing kid's toys! Remember your children are learning from your choices, not what you say, but what you do. So make buying socially aware toys something they constantly see you DO. :)


  1. Can't tell you how happy we are so see "I Am Jazz" on this post!! Huge hugs to you-- thank you for getting the word out about this amazing girl! :)

    1. No problem Kissy Marks! She deserves the recognition! And books like this should be bought more for every home and every child, so social peace can be more easily attained.:)