Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm Francey!

            Hi bright world! My name is Sha, but you can call me Francey! ;) 1st rule of Francey's world, don't question things that don't matter. ;) My best friend started a really cool blog all about her exciting and gorgeous style! As she showed me her awesome pictures and posts she gently suggested I start my own blog. "I have so many ideas." I said. "Where would I start? What would I even pin down to write about?" "Write about YOU!" She exclaimed. So here goes... :) <3

I am 29 years old going on 17 if I have anything to say about it...

I am not always a blonde but when I am, I'm also close to my 30th birthday and channeling my girl Miley Cyrus's badass mid-life crisis gone right! :) haha

Recently took the plunge into the euphoria of toe-head-dom. Lovin it so far, am I having more fun? Can't really say, I think fun as with many things is all a state of mind

I love to live! That may sound strange, but for much of my life I wasn't really living. I used to believe life was just happening to me, that I was a victim and could never have the adventure, romance, abundance, and joy I truly desired! WELL that all changed! I changed and so did the way I saw the world!

This blog is dedicated to the dreamers, the doers, the believers, and the never giver uppers, haha, who in this life truly want nothing more than to really LIVE! :) I hope ya enjoy all the little tidbits on here from #YUMtastic recipes for your cute #sexyasis body, hot button topics to make us question common #societyperspective, fiery inspiration to #ignite our victory flames, beautiful fashion posts to #dressthepart of your dreams and feel good in whatever your sexy a$$ likes to wear ;) teehee, and more!

I hope you'll share your passions with me as I share with you! Let's manifest dreams, create beauty, and experience genuine LIVING right alongside one another. :)

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