Sunday, April 13, 2014

Can you be Fat and Beautiful?

It's still National Poetry Month and I have been blown away by all the creativity, honesty, and beauty I have been finding everyday in spoken words posted on my fb and poetry books sitting on my shelf. Poetry has slowly regained it's place back in society, but unfortunately not in all areas that it should. Schools still don't emphasize the arts the way they should, instead we craft children into callous murders and empty vessels through extra math work and video games, broken choir chairs and the auditorium only being used for sports rallies. Don't get me wrong sports, video games, math they are all awesome, but so is music, poetry, chess, sculpting, cooking...where did these electives go?

The Poet of the day is a beautiful and talented woman named Rachel C Wiley. This spoken word performance is sure to stir questions in all who watch it. I have often asked myself these same stirring questions. I have on more than one occasion wondered and felt the same things she describes feeling in every word of this piece. Why can't we be FAT and BEAUTIFUL? Why are those 2 things considered opposites? Why is beauty something we define as a physical outward view, when true beauty is time and time again found WITHIN a person? I will let Rachel give you some insight...
Special thanks to Button Poetry, be sure to go subscribe to their channel

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