Thursday, April 3, 2014

And they called it puppy love

The things I love and the things that inspire me vary from day to day, moment to moment, second to second. I have such a hodge podge mix of likes and dislikes. To try and categorize them all would be futile and exhausting so let's just start with one of my life's greatest passions and inspirations...
 Her name is Abby :) Or officially Abigail Sophia Winchester ;) name inspired by my 2 favorite demon hunting brothers from sexyville USA! And why not? Look at them...I mean will ya just look at em! ;) hehe
*drooling in progress* ahem...ummm sorry, back to my life's greatest passion over here lol ABBY!
 Abby loves the crook of my neck, it's her favorite place to cuddle. She also has to sleep right against my skin at night under the blankets. If I am wearing a big enough t-shirt, she will even crawl up my back under the t-shirt and curl herself into a ball. She likes to burrow out little nesting places for herself, half the time she must be convinced she's a bird...the other half, a much bigger dog. haha.
 My angel has a personality all her own. She is loving and friendly but would knife a bitch if they hurt her Mama! She's never petty and always thinks I am beautiful. ;) At least that's what she tweeted yesterday....honest. #ByeFelicia
Ok so I am creepily in love with my dog, so what? There are worse things in the world to be right? Senator. ;)
So do any of you have fur babies who inspire you?

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