Thursday, April 3, 2014

A very Francey unbirthday to you!

     Today on DO IT FOR YOURSELF 
(simple instructions to a killer kiddy tea party!)

The formula for an awesome tea party is simple. Tea+Adorable Cups+Charming Friends=PARTY! :) (and a few hats and feather boas never hurt either) Here are some pictures to illustrate...

 Here we see the aforementioned TEA and ADORABLE CUPS

Charming Friends of course...

Hats CHECK! 
Feather Boas CHECK!

What am I forgetting? ...

Oh that's right! THE PARTY! Dawling Dawling! Pish Posh, Cheerio, and all that rot!
Tea Parties are an amazing way to make memories with the little girls in one's life, the best friends a girl could have, and really anyone who enjoys a good cup of warm herbal and silliness! As a feminist I am sure I am stepping on my own toes here by insinuating that only girls enjoy tea parties, but the moment one of my male friends asks to attend one, I will be the first to sound the victory alarm. ;)

All the amazing teas, photos, hats, and boas were enjoyed at The Tea Shoppe in Morgantown, WV! This place is amazing for tea party fun, take someone today and enjoy the best teas in the tri-state area!

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