Friday, April 11, 2014

How to have a fantastic Tea Party!

    We've discussed tea parties and how fun they can be with the "little" people in your life ;) Now let's watch a lovely tea party with your best girlfriend unfold shall we? ;)

 Tea parties are not just some time honored tradition that only pretentious people participate in anymore folks, TEA PARTIES are for everyone! If you love tea, comfort, cookies , friendship, cookies, atmosphere, cookies, conversation, oh and did I mention COOKIES?!!! ;) Tea parties are perfect for you. It's good to have plenty of options at a tea party, especially when offering the types of tea, however for this tea party we rightly chose "English Breakfast" from an amazing little store in town, properly named "The Tea Shoppe" find out more about it HERE:
 Betcha didn't know that your tea could produce a storm with cream in it eh? ;) For a really cool video on how that works, follow me on the twitter ;)

 Now for a tea party to be all levels of lovely, one must choose an appropriate friend. In this case, Sarah being the hostess, I was that beautiful, elegant, intellectual friend ;) (btw that's Sarah, my BFF!)
 Sarah always throws the most lovely tea parties! She has this beautiful tea set and if you want to know where she got it, check out her blog 
 Throwing in some ambiance is key! Special shout out to my brother/Sarah's hubby Joe Quattrochi for these amazing photographs!
Now let me say that Sarah's tea party was absolutely wonderful! However I have included a picture below that illustrates some possible ways to improve the experience...
Those delicious cookies that I keep raving about are from a local bakery called Nonna's! It is divine! Heaven in your mouth folks, heaven. Find out more about Nonna's here:

 Don't forget to be the life of the party! I always am of course ;) (I am not sure if this pic is saying: "No Paparazzi!" or "Wanna see what I got in this bag?"
 Ultimately no matter what you do at a Tea Party be sure to enjoy it with people you love, who can lift you up and be just as comforting as the warm tea in your cup. I guess you could say, find people who are YOUR cup of tea ;)
(My best friend Sarah Barker: Author of "More Than Magic" due for release next year, blogger at, and amazing daughter, wife, and friend.)


  1. So lovely! I especially love the cookies picture! Lol. Xoxoxox. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks beautiful. come home, I need you! ;) <3 <3 <3