Sunday, April 6, 2014

Francey Silhouette

So as I said before I love art. I even started an art society club here in Morgantown, WV called SNAE or Saturday Night Art Explosion. We choose one saturday a month and we drink wine, spray paint, sculpt, knit, cook, whatever the groups feels like doing because the motto or the philosophy of the group is that art is subjective and is based on the person's creative desires.
Anyway I recently started working on this piece as a goodbye present for my parents when I move to Portland, OR this coming Fall. The silhouette is of me in first grade. I spray painted the canvas with an abstractual design, placed the cut out in the center and I am hot gluing the flower and some gems on it. I hope they like it. My relationship hasn't always been good with my parents but as I got older I realized that my parents are a product of the things they went through. In forgiving them, I opened up a new way to appreciate them even when they act CRA! lol Tell me whatcha think. Do any of you like art? What kind of art do you prefer? 

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