Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are you an Earring Whore? ME TOO!

So with some encouragement from my best friend, I decided to start sharing my little Fashion and Beauty secrets with you all! I don't think I have the market cornered on fashion or beauty, but I like considering myself a Fashionista Badass, so here ya go! This page is dedicated to all the tips, tricks, and flips of being a badass when it comes to looking good ;)
Can you believe that's me in the center, long natural hair days, oh how I miss you...and then want to chop you right back off again! lol The girls and I got all painted up by Drag Queens for a special production event I hosted last year with my media network CMN (Candor Media Network)
Now a days I am rockin the BLONDE! Platinum all the way baby, just like my music ;) one day!
I have fun with my looks! Most girls hate themselves, their bodies, their eyes, etc...I used to be that way, but recently decided if I was stuck with me forever why spend so much time hating myself?
I love my green eyes, my bold makeup choices, my blonde hair, my fair skin! I love it all! I am even starting to love my BIG body!
I consider myself an earring whore, a shoe whore too but that's for another #BadAssFashionTip #1
GOLD AND CORAL ORANGE are always, and I mean ALWAYS sexy when it comes to earrings...
Don't be afraid to get a little Bollywood on em now! Wait until you see my Bollywood shoes, at least thats what all my Drag Queen friends call them lol But thats for another day!

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